Monday, 18 June 2012

VikingR loves Olympic Weightlifting

As i put together my report on ESM90 which i`ll put up tomorrow i thought i`d bring you some current news.

VikingR Strongman Clothing are looking for opportunity to break into the Olympic Weightlifting scene and we recently have done this by becoming sponsors of the London Open Weightlifting Championships in December ..

We are also currently designing some Weightlifting personal equipment like straps and wrist supports as well as a kit bag and Weightlifting style Tshirt ..

VikingR are sponsoring Shaun Clegg in his build up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and you can follow his build up on VikingrBlog through this 2 year period including his training and competitions and all his training camps etc ..

As well as Shaun VikingR have done a similar deal with Irish weightlifter Clarence Kennedy .. This is a very talented young lifter who promises big things and very impressively Clarence can do alot more than just lift weights . check this video of him ..

VikingrBlog will keep you posted on these 2 fantastic weightlifters and the Olympic Weightlifting world in general ....

Mark Clegg - VikingrBlog

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