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Sugden Classic is back !

Thats right ..

This historic competition has been such a fantastic success through the years that VikingR Strongman Clothing are going to bring back this historic competition and bring back the original name ..

Sugden Classic VI

Sunday 19th August 2012 - Olympic Sports Gymnasium Sponsored by VikingR

BBQ - Beer Licence - Bouncy Castle - VikingR Shop - Sugden meet up and after party .

There are 3 competitions on the day 

SUGDEN CLASSIC (C&J + Deadlift) entry fee £15


Floor to overhead - Karl Grant 200kg - Deadlift Mark Felix 405kg - Total Mark Felix 565kg 


Three attempts to see who the log lifting champion is !!

Under 80kg Record = 130kg
Under 90kg Record = 135kg
Under 105kg Record = 172.5kg 
Heavyweight Record = 190kg


Rising Stone challenge - 120kg, 135kg 150kg,160kg,175kg, 194kg, 203kg, 215kg, 240kg

To enter this competition you must pay by PayPal to to book your place

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Below is a look back into the history of this competition .. Apologies about the lack of in depth results .. 

The first Sugden Classic was arranged by Ex Commonwealth Games Weightlifter Andy Littler and Alan Fairclough down at the old Adlington Weightlifting Club but the organisation of the competition was down to a small new formed online lifting community that trained at the Sugden Sports Centre`s gym in Manchester..

They had a computer clever member of their training team called Rob Bethell who decided to make a forum for his friends and training partners to communicate training and competitions together. Sugden Barbell was formed and the members quickly began arriving for all the latest Strongman, Weightlifting and Powerlifting news along with training articles and journals .. Sugden began to grow quickly and after an influx of new members the Sugden Classic was organised by this new online community ...

Members quickly signed up for the first Sugden Classic to be held in Adlington Weightlifting Club on 1st March 2008 .. The rules were simple - 3 Attempts floor to overhead then 3 attempts on the Deadlift - Biggest Total wins.

Sugden Classic I

Saturday 1st March 2008 - Adlington Barbell Club

I was lucky enough to participate in the 17 man field against Worlds Strongest man competitor "Mark Felix" and a fantastic days lifting was had by all without doubt the highlight of the Show being Mark Felix`s 400kg Deadlift that blew the roof off the old gymnasium ..

Sugden Classic 1- Final Results were as follows - Name/ OH Lift/ Deadlift/ Total

Mark Felix, 160/400 - 560 
Mark Clegg, 182.5/285 - 467.5

Steve Leigh, 150/310 - 460
Andy Littler, 175/262.5 - 437.5
Jeff Williams, 150/250 - 400
Richard Harris, 95/280 - 375
Jonny Mills, 120/255 - 375
Joni Purmonen, 115/245 - 360
Gaz Boulton, 105/250 - 355
Joe Bullock, 87.5/260 - 347.5
Ian McDonald, 90/227.5 - 317.5
Rick Booth, 95/222.5 - 317.5 
Hayden Vincent, 102.5/210 - 312.5
Johnathan Chevallier, 110/170 - 280
Jonny Wignall, 80/195 - 275
Luke Corcoran, 50/142.5 - 192.5
         Alex Stuart, 0/185 - 185

Sugden Classic II

Saturday 9th August 2008 - Adlington Barbell Club

The second competition  was just as successful with Mark Felix extending his Sugden Classic deadlift record to 405kg .. and I managed to increased my overhead record to 195kg on the Clean and Jerk ...

Final Results Top 5 were as follows - Name/ OH Lift/ Deadlift/ Total

Mark Felix, 160/405 - 565
Mark Clegg, 195/295 - 490
Shawn Kenny, 170/300 - 470
Andy Littler, 175/255 - 430
Gary Boulton, 120/290 - 410

 Sugden Classic III

 Saturday 13th December 2008 - Adlington Barbell Club

The third instalment was the biggest turnout with over 20 athletes and with Mark Felix competing abroad in a strongman event it gave the mortals a chance of a win . Myself and Karl Grant battled it out in a great competition finishing 490kg to 480kg in my favour ..

Final Results Top 8 were as follows - Name/ OH Lift/ Deadlift/ Total
Mark Clegg, 190/300 - 490 
Karl Grant, 180/300 - 480

Shawn Kenny, 140/330 - 470
Alex Curletto, 140/310 - 450
Tony Warbrook, 130/302.5 - 432.5
Andy Littler, 170/250 - 420
Ben France, 112.5/290 - 402.5
Nat Cooper, 150/240 - 390

The only real video i`d like to show is the most controversial Deadlift video of all time Jonny "Boar" Wignall pulling sumo .. This would later haunt him as the banter continues even now .. ;-)

  Sugden Classic IV
 Saturday 23rd January 2010 - Fred Smiths Storage Unit in Chorley

Jeff Williams put lots of hard work into bringing back the Sugden Classic in 2010 and hired abig unit for the competition to take place and it was a very successful competition .. Unfortunately i can only find details of the top 4 places from this competition but we was treated to our first 200kg Clean and Jerk by Karl Grant Ex Commonwealth Games medallist

Final Results Top 4 were as follows - Name/ OH Lift/ Deadlift/ Total
Karl Grant, 200/330 - 530   
Mark Clegg, 185/300 - 485
Adam Travis, 185/270 - 455
Andy Littler, 175/260 - 490

Deadlift was won by Martin Brown with 330kg pull taking it on lighter bodyweight from Karl Grant. Matt Griffiths pulled 320kg for 3rd place.

Here is Karl Grants 200kg and 330kg performance

Sugden Classic V

Sunday 24th July 2011 - Olympic Sports Gymnasium 

Karl Grant, 190/340 - 530

Sugden Classic 5 was dominated by Karl Grant and he narrowly missed a 200kg Clean and Jerk and almost locked out a 360kg Deadlift .. Results to the rest of the competition have gone walk about it seems but if i find them i will update this post accordingly...

So as you see this competition is Rich in history and as i look through the history books for results i`m frustrated i can`t bring you more of the results that contributed to these fantastic competitions over the years ... Many personal battles have taken place and many personal bests have been broken ..

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