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All focus is on the Lightweights

Will Sanderson wearing the u90kg St Ives Strongest Man Vikingr T Shirt ..

Ok so we are only days away from the first ever "Under 80kgs Britains Strongest Man" .... Its being brought to you by who ?

Oh thats right Vikingr Strongman Clothing thats who !! Turns out only the cool cats wear the Vikingr brand, others just turn there noses up at the inner workings of Vikingr and ignore the countless sponsorship deals and money going back into this tiny but fantastic sport BUT they also turn they`re noses up at lightweight strongman too .. "Stop these little shits competing and going round calling themselves strongmen" "its hurting my big fat ego" ! Well unfortunately lightweight and middle weight strongman is the future ! We are already seeing big international comps spring up like Arnold Strongman having some light weight categories and even potential for World Championships too at 80kg .. So with that said the competition although only at Olympic Sports Gym could carry some very lucrative prizes .. You could find yourself at the World Championships.

So who are these tiny Strongman they must be weak ..... Right ?? They want their own category because they can`t compete at under 90kg and especially at 105kg ?? When it comes to "Static Strength" they would just get hammered .. Surely ??

NO - Your Wrong .. Shane "Dragon Champion" Jerman winning the Car Deadlift event in the 105kg Northern Championships with 21 reps at a bodyweight of 87kg shoes on,fully clothed and with his car keys in his pocket ..

Through my involvement with under 90kg Strongman over the past few years i have seen many unbelievable performances and the athlete who stands out the most in my mind is the Dominator James Ward .. He has consistently delivered on the day of the big championships and is one of the most complete all rounders. Its all very well being able to do a 160kg Log Lift but if you can`t back that up with 15 Reps on a dumbell, 10 seconds on a Yoke or sheer determination to get that last stone then you ain't going to win the championship.. It also must be noted that reading through James training journal doesn`t really excite that much, not too many "Circus Acts" or "Feats of Strength" more clever, well thought out progressive training and work on his weaknesses` ..

So thats 90kg Strongman for you but this is under 80kg .. This is what i think ? Shane Jerman is going to be the man to beat when Sunday arrives in this new under 80kgs BSM .. He works unbelievably hard on his all round game so much so that when i watched him train at Salt Ayre i don`t think i`ve ever been as impressed by anyone in a training session .. Sure i`ve seen 180kg Log lifts, 210kg Clean and Jerks and 300kg Squats but they often end with a smile of accomplishment and a long shower .. Shane is a grafter he`ll do a PB log lift, sure BUT then he`ll do some farmers than some farmers with yoke then some farmers, tyre flip, yoke and then some more log then some jumps and maybe some more yoke .. His energy is unreal and with a static game as good as his moving game then the other guys are going to have to be on their "A" game to stay in touch with this man .. I was at the Northern Strongman Championships and i seen a little over 80kg man beat some of the best deadlifters in the 105kg ranks . He also finished top 5 on the Log lift too with a fantastic 130kg lift...

Shane Jerman hitting 130kg Log

The Other Guys

So who else can we expect to see ? well to give us a better idea we can flick back to the Super-Strength under 80kg Challenge of 2011 ..


Super-Strength u80kg Challenge 2011

Overall Scores

1st - 67.5 pts - Ste Baker
2nd - 67.0 pts - Glen Kerr
3rd - 56.5 pts - Mike Neale
4th - 48.5 pts - Anthony Stott
5th - 46.5 pts - Martin Przyblak
6th - 41.5 pts - Danny Ashcroft
7th - 33.0 pts - Darren Kerr
8th - 22.5 pts - Damien Larrington
9th - 19.5 pts - Charis Louca
10th- 15.0 pts - Nick Molloy
11th- 12.5 pts - Dave Howarth
12th- 9.5 pts - James Hill

The overall comp was eventually won by Ste Baker who unfortunately cannot compete this year due to ill health and Glen Kerr has decided to leave the challenge to his better looking brother Darren because he is very competitive in the Under 90kgs and doesn`t want to lose the weight in case it compromises with his under90kg Englands Challenge .. So if last years results are to give us any indication the favourite has to be Mike Neale .. Well i know Mike has certainly done his homework this year and has travelled to OSG on quite a few occasions to play with the equipment being used on the day .. He looks very strong, he tells me he`s been taking his diet very serious and is determined that this be his most successful show to date ..

Mike Neale loading the 150kg last stone on the stone run of this years BSM u80kg..

Mike hitting a 110kg Log for Reps ..

Last years 4th place and Englands under 90kg Finalist is Anthony Stott and he is currently trying to fight off an injury but if he gets his self fit for the day then i`m sure he will bring much of what he brought last year .. Duracell Bunny ENERGY !!

Martin Przyblak, Danny Ashcroft, Darren Kerr and Damien Larrington are all down to compete and they are seasoned competitors and i`m sure will all be fighting hard for top places ..

Danny Ashcroft nailing the Dumbell at St Ives under 90kg

New boy Riain Morrison is GPC World Powerlifting Champion in the Junior ranks and has trained very hard for this competition ..  He`s been also working on a few weaknesses and i`m sure he`ll be ready ..

Big Macca "Paul Macaffrey" was only a few weeks ago winning the BDFPA British Championships and he has consistantly challenged in the Englands under 90kg final for the past few years .. He is going to be one of the top dogs for sure ..


We have a whole bunch of newcomers to under 80kg Strongman and guys who are returning form taking a break or Powerlifting .... who can ever forget this Deadlift by Paul Dudley at the "Olympic Dragon" Strongman competition ..

Paul Dudley weighing 70ish kg pulling a massive triple bodyweight 230kg deadlift in the Dragons comp ..

I`m very excited about the comp ..

Britains Strongest Man under 80kg

Sunday 6th May 2012 

Olympic Sports Gym
4th floor portland mill
portland st south
Ashton under Lyne

Weigh-in from 8am

Start 11:30am

Refreshments available .... You can bring your own beer if you wish ..

Bouncy Castle and the 1st ever Vikingr Pop-up Shop ..

Events - Subject to change.

Event 1 - Yoke(270kg) and Duck Walk Medley (160kg) 15 metres each way.

Event 2 - Loglift Medley - 90kg Thin Log - 100kg IFSA - 110kg IFSA - 120kg IFSA.

Event 3 - Max Deadlift Oly Bar with Truck Wheels(Around 15"). No Suits allowed but Straps are. Choose your Start weight but once you've entered you must lift each following weight . One fail out .. Weights are 220kg - 250kg - 280kg - 300kg then 10kg jumps .

Event 4 - Carry and Drag Medley.

Event 5 - Giant Rail Sleeper Farmers Walk 122kg per hand 20 metres.10 metres drop and turn.

Event 6 - Atlas Stone Run 100kg(48") - 110kg(48") - 120kg(48") - 135kg(48")- 150kg(40")

1st Prize = £250

I`ve been Mark Clegg

And this is VikingrBlog @


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