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A little Background in Vikingr

 vikingr-clothing.com -  website

I`m gonna start a blog on here for the brand .. So the people closest to me can follow our progress and Get things not only cheaper but limited edition stuff too.. Also be running some competitions where you can win some free stuff.

I`m going to be updating with photos and videos over the next couple of days so bear with me..

First of all for the people that don`t know the Vikingr Strongman Team are as follows..


Vikingr Strongman Clothing LTD was set up by Mark Clegg(50%) and Lee Chadwick(50%)  on 1/10/2011 ..
Mark Clegg  - The man behind the steering wheel without a licence.

Lee Chadwick  - T Shirt Design and Website, Facebook, Twitter, and all that bollox.

Sam Chesney  - Chief of operations.. The man who makes your Tshirts.

Richard Bardsley   - Design.. Richard was working on big packaging projects like ASDA`s travel range when he was kidnapped by Mark and forced to take photographs of rusty strongman equipment. He`s been with us since and he`s not sure why
Gaz Boulton - Logistics and Dogs body .. My driving bitch basically
Susan Clegg - I give me mam a job working with Sam on making the Tshirts.

Mike Francis - All our Screen Printing.

Mark Felix and Graeme Hicks - Vikingr sponsored athletes and these boys do a great job of promoting Vikingr thoughout the land.


So far Vikingr Strongman Clothing have sponsored the following events -

Uk Team Strongman 2011 - Competition Advertisment board and comp day tshirts.

Olympic Dragons 3 Comp day tshirts and trophies.

St Ives Strongest Man 2011 - Cost towards trophies.

St Ives Strongest Man under 90kg 2012 - Comp day Tshirts and Prize Money.

Champions of the future 2 - Comp day Tshirts and Trophies.

Englands Euro Qualifyer 2012 - Comp day Tshirts.

Northern Englands Strongest Man 2012 - Comp Day Tshirts and £250 Prize Money.

And events we are proud to sponsor in the future include -

under 80kg Britains Strongest Man 2012
under 90kg Englands Strongest Man 2012

under 105kg Englands Strongest Man 2012

under 105kg Britains Strongest Man 2012

Olympic Dragons 4

The BWL British Championships and Olympic Trials 2012

Vikingr Logo

Original Logo designed by Lee Chadwick 31/07/2012. We loved the Viking face and it was really good on large prints but on smaller prints it became blurry. Our plotting machine couldn`t handle the shaded areas and we had to simplify it if we was going to continue making vinyl tshirts which was an important part of our competition sponsorship plan ..

So it had to go and Richard re designed it early 2012 just before we registered it for "TM" or "C" can never remember which one applies to us ?

From this Richard chose our Back Tag Graphic.

The Vikingr Vision

Our long term aim is to become a recognised brand with-in the Strength Sports. So our first move was to get in a national publication so we could throw our net as far as we could and my very first meeting with a magazine and we nailed a 6 months 4 country deal with both "Muscle and Fitness"

and "Flex" in Uk, France, Germany and Holland. This is proving fantastic publicity to launch us. Our second stop was to sponsor some great UK Strongman to be the face of the brand and after a brief Chat with Denny Felix she agreed that 4 times World Strongest Man athlete Mark Felix would be our man.

 Mark Felix in the "He who has Strength Tshirt

 Solvi Peturson and Mark Felix

Mark has taken around 25 pictures of himself and other strongmen with our Branded Tshirts on and continues to do so .

So Mark was doing a great job on the road internationally BUT we were keen to get another guy on board who was a little less known but someone who would become was of the best Strongmen in Great Britain.. That Man is Graeme "Hixxy" Hicks ! The primary objective was for Hixxy to get to the Worlds Strongest 105kg BUT earlier this year he decided that the Heavyweights was the road to take and he`s making rapid progress ...

Hixxy with a 186kg Log 

Hixxy 305kg Squat triple

Hixxy 420kg Yoke

Take it from Mark Clegg ! Hixxy is going all the way to WSM and Vikingr will be there to support him every step of the way.

We also use James Wilmot on some of our adverts even though he`s taken to Bodybuilding.. The guys got ripped up six pack and 22" arms and the Vikingr Tshirts fit nice. He`s going to be helping out with Hix at some trade shows ect in the future ..

So advertising is going ok and the magazine generate decent sales but most of our sales come through www.vikingr-clothing.com and that is due for an update with the summer designs real soon ..

Sponsoring competitions is really important to me as is generating grass roots level in all three of the strength sports and soon there will be opportunity for people to apply for The "Vikingr competition package" which will allow sponsors to get free competition Tshirts and Trophies as long as they are working with first timers in any of the sports .. This will allow the promoter to offer a
"Free" or "Cheaper" entry fee to competitors to generate more participation..

I really do want people to understand what the brand is all about and i`m not saying people have to rush out and buy from us but the relationship is there. Name another brand that is helping strength sports out at grass level ? none.

Competition at elite level is also important to us and we have plans in the future to bring a "Vikingr Deadlift Championship" and "Vikingr Weightlifting Chmpionship" BUT our first project is in 2013 and is the :-

"Vikingr Strongman"

Stay tuned for more details here at Vikingr Strongman Blog. It will be a Heavyweight Strongman Event with none standardised and Viking themed events.... Qualifyers on day one and Final on Day two with a very nice prize fund ..

MORE SOON ............... LE PUB BECONS

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