Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dragons 4 is now FULL

In Record Time

Yesterday i opened the entries for Olympic Dragon 4 Under 90kg Strongman Competition at around 10am .. And by 10pm last night we had a fully paid up 30 man competitiors list in place . . . . Such is the popularity of this competition we could fill it 3 times over with ease ..

I have had a lot of messages off disappointed Athletes that didn`t get in and to them i say "I`m Sorry"

The Line up for the 2012 Dragons 4 is very exciting .

We have Ex Commonwealth Medalist Tommy Yule who still competes at both Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting .. And his Brother Stuart Yule also an Ex International Weightlifter and Winner of Scotlands Strongest Man under 90kg last year ..

Our Current Dragon Shane Jerman, Recently Crowned Britains Strongest Man at 80kg ..

Last years winner of the deadlift event Eric Sahin who pulled a fantastic 300kg ..

Winner of  Dragons 1,2 and 3 Stone loading event  Mark "Pagan" Hodgson

World RAW Powerlifting Champion and Englands Strongest Man under 90kg finalist Paul MacCaffrey .

Winner of Last years under 80kg Super Strength Challenge Ste "Mini Viking" Baker ..

BUT the biggest news is that we see the return of  Dragons 1 and 2 Champion Kenny Cardwell, He`s come back after a year off to challenge his own Salt Ayre team mate for the title ..

The entries are an endless  list of top class talent with some new blood sprinkled in their too .. It would take me days to sum up all of their achievements so i`ll just keep it short and sweet and let the competition day do all the talking ..

Full Entry List

Dragon - Shane Jerman ..

1 - Eric Sahin
2 - Paul MacCaffey
3 - David Parry-Sargent
4 - Tommy Yule
5 - Stuart Yule
6 - Charis "Smalls" Louca
7 - Tom McGing
8 - Rajan Singh Panesar
9 - Ste Baker
10- Samuel Evans
11- Paul Dudley
12- Bryce McDonald
13- Danny Ashcroft
14- Will Sanderson
15- Jordan McGing
16- Liam Hunt
17- Allen Young
18- Owen Lockwood
19- David Howarth
20- Pagan
21- Pagan JNR
22- Riain Morrison
23- Paul Daubney
24- Danny Walsh
25- Adam Travis
26- Brian Seymour
27- Karl Malarky
28- Marting Przybylak
29- Kenny Cardwell
30- Daniel Withnall

This is going to be awesome ...

Mark Clegg @ VikingrBlog

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