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Olympic Dragons 4

Olympic Dragons 4

Vikingr Strongman Clothing is very proud to bring you the 4th edition of the Olympic Dragons under 90kg strongman competition at Olympic Sports Gym on as always the first Sunday in September .. This year falling on the 2nd of the month ..

We have had fantastic success with this competition over the last 3 years and i`m sure that this year will be no different.

The line-up from last years fantastic Dragons three competition ..

Olympic Dragons 1 in 2009 was won by Kenny Cardwell

1st Kenny Cardwell 99 Pts
2nd Mark "Pagan" Hodgson 96.5 Pts
3rd Jamie Allonby 93.5 Pts 
4th Ste Baker 90 Pts
5th Jonny "Boar" Wignall 86 Pts

Just an example of the awesome atmosphere at the Dragons comps as Boar smashes through the overhead medley in from of head ref Tony Warbrook .. Jonny Wignall went on to win the overhead event 3 years in a row ..

Olympic Dragons 2 in 2010 was won by Kenny Cardwell again !!

1st Kenny Cardwell 121 Pts
2nd Jonny "Boar" Wignall 120.5 Pts
3rd Chris Jenkins 115 Pts 
4th Mark "Pagan" Hodgson 105.5 Pts
5th  Eric Sahin 104.5 Pts

Two time Dragons Champion Kenny Cardwell and the boys after a hards days work .. Just shows the brilliant team spirit on comp days in what must be the friendliest sport in the world .. especially at lightweight level.

Mark "Pagan" Hodgson light up the crowd as he loads the massive 151kg Atlas stone ..

Olympic Dragons 3 in 2011 - Kenny retires to leave the field wide open and his very own Team mate Shane Jerman takes the top Spot!!

1st Shane Jerman 162 Pts
2nd Mark "Pagan" Hodgeson 151 Pts
3rd Jonny "Boar" Wignall 142.5 Pts 
4th Eric Sahin 138 Pts
5th  Paul MacCaffrey 134 Pts

Mark "Pagan" Hodgson wins the Atlas Stones for the third year in a row ... 

Shane Jermans performance to take the title of the "Dragon"

Olympic Dragons 4 

So there we have it ! in this competition smothered in history and experiances, We are now into our 4th edition of this fantastic competition .. It`s my favorite comp of the year without doubt .

In previous years we have had heavy and light options within each event to cater for both new athletes and the under 90kg Elite .. This year is no different but as the standard of under 90kg strongman as evolved so the events have to be slightly increased .. But i`ve always tried to keep the event similar each year so the competition keeps its identity .. So any way to this years edition of the "Olympic Dragons"

This year we`ve got loads of new stuff going on .. We`ve got a barbecue, a beer licence and bouncy Castle .. We are having made a 16 x 16 feet score board and athletes tent ..

1st Prize - £200
2nd Prize - £120
3rd Prize - £100
4th Prize - £80

The entry for this years competition is £20 . for your entry fee you receive both a competition Tshirt and a competition Hoody made by Vikingr Strongman Clothing ..

Event 1 - Max Deadlift .

Rules are simple .. No Straps, No Suits, No Sumo .. a three attempt conventional Deadlift competition ..

Event 2 - Beer Barrel Load .

5 Barrels must be carried 5 metres and loaded on to a 48" Platform .. The barrels weigh in at 80kg,90kg,100kg,110kg and a massive 120kg . 75 seconds to complete the event and its Head to Head.

 Event 3 - Log Lift .

The log lift event this year is for reps .. Athletes must choose either the 110kg Log or the 85kg Log and perform as many floor to overhead reps as they can in 75 seconds ..

 Event 4 - Farmers Walk .

Athletes must choose either the 130kg Farmers walk or the 110kg Farmers .. They must carry them 30 metres with a drop turn at 15 metres .. They have 75 seconds to complete the event and it is Head to Head .. Minimum distance is required to score points .  

 Event 5 - Arm over Arm .

Athletes must pull the rope to drag the 200kg sled 25 metres in this Head to Head event and have 75 seconds to complete the event ..

  Event 6 - Atlas Stones .

100kg - 110kg - 120kg -135kg -160kg Atlas stones all need loading to 48" .. Head to Head and in 75 seconds ..

Venue is Olympic Sports Gym
4th Floor Portland Mill
Ashton Under Lyne 
OL6 7SX 

Weigh-in starts at 8am and finishes at 11am . Athletes meeting at 11.15 and competiton will start at 11.45am ..

If you want to enter then you must act quickly as there are only 30 places .. I`ve reserved five places for last years top five ...

If you want to enter this competion there is only one way to do so .. Log on to PayPal and make a payment of £20 to you must write in the info box that the payment is for Dragons 4 and you must put your full name too .. 

Mark Clegg @ VikingrBlog

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