Thursday, 17 May 2012

VikingR loves Weightlifting

A deal was made today for VikingR Strongman Clothing to sponsor the London Open Weightlifting Championships .. Especially great news for me as an Ex Olympic Weightlifter .

I made the deal with my old coach Keith Morgan who is open minded about the need to modernise Olympic weightlifting and he said "It would be an absolute pleasure to have you come back to your old Weightlifting Club" Keith is a fantastic coach and awesome driving force behind Southern weightlifting .. He coached Delroy McQueen to 3 Gold Medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games BUT his list of achievements in gaining medals is absolutely endless ...

Delroy 165kg Snatch

Crystal Palace - Home of 3 x Commonwealth Games athlete Joanne Calvino

 The London Open Weightlifting Championships are December 1st at 

Crystal Palace Sports Centre, 
Ledrington Road, 
Anerley Hill, 
Crystal Palace, 
SE19 2BB

VikingR Strongman Clothing will be providing goody bags and tshirts to all the competitors and £500 prize money for the winners of the overall championships on Sinclair formula .. The biggest Prize money in the competitions history ..

Halil Zorba 

 Come over and watch this fantastic Competition and come say hi to your mate in strength sports 
 Mark Clegg

If you`ve ever any questions on VikingR Strongman Clothing or any strength sports questions or enquiries then don`t hesitate to contact me

Mark Clegg @ VikingrBlog

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