Friday, 18 May 2012

VikingR Strongest Woman

VikingR Clothing have so far only sponsored Male strength sports but an opportunity came up when my sister Mandy approached me about VikingR running a ladies strength competition in June .. I jumped at the chance and although i`ve not seen a strongwoman competition myself yet, I have always been a big fan of ladies Olympic Weightlifting and have been a massive follower of Aneta Florczyk of Poland on YouTube since i started strongman myself .. I realise that Strongwoman in this country is in a re-building stage and its really exciting to be a part of that process ..

My sister really wanted the ladies to have a stand alone comp and not as a side show to the mens competition.. So VikingR Strongman Clothing are proud to bring you the first -

VikingR Strongest Woman 2012

8th July at Olympic Sports Gym
Ashton Under Lyne 

under 75kg

1st Place -£100
2nd Place - £75
3rd Place - £50

Over 75kg

1st Place -£100
2nd Place - £75
3rd Place - £50 

Events are as follows and are all both subject to change and testing ..

Event 1 - Max Deadlift - 

Rising Bar .. 80kg start weight.

Event 2 - Medley -

Carry Barrel (55kg) 15 metres, Yoke (140kg) 15 metres, Tyre Flip (250kg) 3 flips, 80kg Anvil load.

Event 3 - Overhead Medly -

Axle (30kg), Barbell (40kg), Log (42kg), Log (50kg), Log (62kg)

Event 4 - Famers Walk -

55kg x 15 metres then 75kg x 15metres.

Event 5 - Arm over Arm Transit Van Pull

20 metres course.

Event 6 - Atlas Stones -

32kg, 50kg, 62kg, 73kg, 90kg all loaded to 48"

We have BBQ and Bouncy Castle on the day as well as hot and cold drinks ect .

Entries - The only way to enter this competition is to pay by PayPal £15 to input your full name into the info box and your in ..
VikingR Strongest Woman 2012 is kindly sponsored by VikingR Strongman Clothing, Spartan Performance, Atlas and Olympic Sports Gym.


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